Episode 10

Published on:

12th Oct 2021

Interview with Michael Gracie, Principal, AVL Growth Partners

1:12 Background

8:42 The rise of the fractional CFO

14:02 Indications it may be time to consider a fractional CFO

17:34 The typical engagement and what we do as fractional CFOs

24:35 The skill sets of an executive team and where a fractional CFO makes sense

29:06 Bringing a different perspective than the founders

35:04 Discussion of VC and PE-backed companies

36:44 SAFEs

38:06 Differentiation in VC and PE

40:44 Evolution of the PE industry and model

43:00 Platforms at PE firms, succession planning, and more

46:21 Governance and interacting with the ownership and the board

49:51 Dealing with supply chain challenges today

54:51 Today's business owners versus those from prior eras

57:01 Continual learning and consuming information to share with clients

1:00:34 Recharging, refocusing, and more

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ATLalts is a podcast for those interested in learning about alternative investments and alternative asset classes through interviews with investors, asset owners, and industry practitioners. ATLalts explores venture capital, private equity, real estate, credit, private debt, distressed, hedge funds, commodities, FX, currencies, infrastructure, structured products, digital assets, multi-alternatives, secondaries, collectibles, farmland, timberland, and more specialized alternative assets such as life settlements, aircraft leasing, royalties, litigation funding, and marine finance.
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