Episode 8

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19th Mar 2024

Michael Liss, Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of Three Bulls Capital LLC, a Community-Driven Investing Real Estate Investment Company

  • My guest on ATLalts was Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder of Three Bulls Capital LLC Michael Liss.
  • Three Bulls Capital is a real estate investment company focused on a community-driven investing approach to single family housing in former textile milling towns in Georgia.
  • Three Bulls Capital focuses specifically on Middle Georgia communities where it can revitalize workforce housing neighborhoods through a sustainable model of secondary/tertiary market investments, self-management and a focused ESG component.
  • Eventually the team plans to extend their platform to additional former textile milling towns throughout the Southeastern U.S.
  • Middle Georgia has benefited from statewide efforts to develop new industry and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in these communities that have sticky populations but also are attracting newcomers seeking quality jobs
  • Middle Georgia markets where Three Bulls Capital is most active sit along Interstate 75 and among major transportation arteries including the Atlanta Airport and the Port of Savannah
  • Three Bulls Capital collaborates with city officials, employers, and other key stakeholders seeking to uplift neighborhoods and renovate historic SFR housing
  • Three Bulls Capital differentiates itself by creating clusters of renovated properties, driving positive change in neighborhoods. SFR investing has evolved from buying cheap assets to generating cash and achieving efficiencies through scale.
  • Three Bulls Capital operates in SFR 4.0, focusing on community-driven investing and revitalizing former mill towns to create communities that can thrive again.
  • Their investment model aims to provide quality workforce housing, drive value at a community level, and promote home ownership.
  • Buying right, managing costs, and maintaining high standards are crucial for uplifting neighborhoods and creating positive social impact.
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